About the Incorporator

The Incorporator is a division of Genius Executives: an outsourcing and consultancy company. INCORPORATOR through its team of legal and strategy consultants provides individuals and business owners the tools required to quickly and easily comply with government procedures and regulations.

Genius Executives is registered as a business consultancy in the State Law Office No. CPR/2012/65550 with the Kenya Investment Authority No. 0480 and under the Youth Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO) NO. NT/PPD/YP/587/C. Genius Executives | Making Business Simple, the stylized G, and the Genius Executives Logo is a registered trademark under the Trade Mark No. 78688. Genius Executives is a partner with Microsoft under Microsoft's Biz4Afrika portal.

  • Professionalism
  • Quality service
  • Vetted Consultants
  • Efficient Service Delivery
  • Affordable service price
  • 100% Guarantee