Ready to Tender Company

Limited company with AGPO certification, PIN, NSSF, NHIF, TAX Compliance Certificate and CR12


  1. A copy of the business name certificate.
  2. CLEAR copies of I.Ds (in colour), KRA Pins and Passport sized photos  for all stakeholders.
  3. The occupation information for all stakeholders and the nature of business for the company.
  4. The Telephone and Email and Postal address of each of the stakeholders and that of the business.
  5. The plot number the nearest road the town the district and the county location of the business.
  6. The residential address of each of the directors. Giving the plot number the nearest road and the town where each is situated.
  7. The target business start date and the target number of employees when starting.
  8. The company profile.
  9. A company bank statement, once the company is incorporated.

Ksh 76,000 Ksh 28,500

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