Single Owner Company

With the introduction of the Companies Act 2015, it only requires a minimum of 1 director to register a company!
Get a limited company that has you as the sole director / owner.
Our fees Include: all government fees, document generation, advisory, logistics and free delivery in Kenya.


  1. 2 proposed names in order of preference.
  2. Your CLEAR copies of I.D, KRA Pin and Passport sized photo.
  3. Your occupation information and the nature of business for the company
  4. Your Telephone and Email and Postal address and that of the business
  5. The plot number, the nearest road, the town, the district and the county location of the business.
  6. The residential address of the director. Giving the plot number the nearest road and the town where you reside.
  7. The target business start date and the target number of employees when starting.
  8. The login credentials for your e-citizen portal.

Ksh 53,333 Ksh 20,000

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